Who knew around 10 years back that smartphone will be our biggest need now? Similarly, who knew around 5 years back that headphones will be our biggest need now too? Headphones Radar

You know, with convenience comes many drawbacks and good to know for everyone, excess of everything is bad. Using these both tech pieces is not all bad, but using these more than you need to use is all in all a destruction for you. That’s true we need headphones just as we need so many other things in life and there is no alternative, no efficient alternative, of it. But, stay close to the limitations or you will never be able to use it in minimum let alone the maximum. Headphones Radar

Doctors Warn About What Happens to Your Ears When You Wear Headphones Too Long

Well, some people are used to wearing headphones every time, intentionally or unintentionally, for work or for enjoyment.

They should be very much aware of the following consequences that occur due to the persistent use of headphones.

1- It can cause severe infection (Headphones Radar)

Headphones or earphones are used the most and cared the least. Many of the times after using, we throw these away randomly without considering if the place we have put these is clean or not.

Then we put the same dirty ones back in the ear without giving a second thought to the hygiene. Therefore, the constant accumulation of dirt and debris can inflict various infections in the ear over time and it can be really painful afterward.

The worst is the case when we start sharing our personal set of headphones with our friends.

The ears of each individual produce different and so many kinds of bacteria and therefore, everyone’s hygiene level also varies.

Maybe the friend that just borrowed your headphones has not cleaned ears from two weeks and his ears respond to the heat in a way that more ear wax is produced.

So your not actually getting your headphones back from him but simply a pair of infections.

2- It can cause temporary to permanent hearing loss (Headphones Radar)

Most often we listen to music at the highest of the volume possible. This volume silently causes our ear cells to get numb to the vibration and the sensitivity also drops off the chart. With time, even the highest of the volume seems less to your hearing system because the limit has been crossed.

Eventually, the cells then take more time to react to the high volume in the form of vibration and therefore you may face temporary to permanent hearing loss suddenly one day.

This situation can produce so many other internal conditions that can lead to serious ear damage, the tiny ear tissues can hardly be repaired.

Consequently, one day, the ears that used to listen to the elevated levels of volume may not be able to hear at all.

3- It can cause you to drift your attention causally

Once we put on the music, it means we are cutting the world off of our attention and focusing on just one thing, happening inside our ears.

When the duration increases from a few hours to many hours, you soon get habitual of ignoring everything else to concentrate on one and the only thing available to your ears.

Our brains are structured in a way that it picks out habits and saves it in the system and when for most of the days, we do one thing repeatedly, it later helps us too to do that thing efficiently.

Therefore, later after some time, it does not matter even if you are wearing headphones or not. When someone will address you, your brain that is leading your capabilities will follow the rules set in the form of habits, by not responding to the adresser.

It may even be the cause of creating an awkward situation for you such as if one day your boss calls you and you unintentionally choose not to reply him back.

Tips to stick to:

 a. Always clean your headphones or earphones well with a tissue before using them.

b. Thoroughly clean your headphones once a month, inside out.

c. Don’t lend headphones and neither do borrow them.

d. Don’t let the volume exceed 60 %, it’s better to make your ears used to just 60 % percent of the total volume.

e. Let your ears rest for at least 15 mins after an hour of use.

f. Invest in good noise-cancellation headphones.

Here at Headphones radar, you can learn more and so much about each headphone type, how to find one in a specific specialty, and what else you need to know about them.

Final Thought:

The professionals suggest that every hardcore user should tend to replace his old headphones with new headphones within 6 to 8 months for additional health safety. I hope you must have learned a lot today from our article