When looking for all-purpose projectors for your smart home, WiMiUS Projector is the answer. They have released a P20 projector that Supports 4K with keystone correction, zoom function, low noise compatible with a PC laptop, Chromecast, USB, Fire TV Stick, and smartphones. This newest version of the P20 model solved most previous versions and improved the brightness and contrast ratio. Best Projector For Smart Home

Best Projector For Smart Home


7200 Lumens Brightness: With 7200 lumens brightness, this new P20 projector will bring you very bright images in a dark environment. Lumen is the core of a projector, and higher lumens will bring you a better viewing experience because a dim projector will be harmful to your eyes.

Native 1080P Projector Support 4K: The main difference of the native 1080P projector and 1080P supported projector is that when you play 1080P videos on them, the native 1080P projector will display 1080P quality. In contrast, the 1080P supported projector only displays 720P or 480P quality. So don’t be misled by the 1080P supported projector. A native 1080P projector is a must for clearer images, and when connected with a smartphone and PC, it can play 4K videos. See more reviews here.

Contrast Ratio (Best Projector For Smart Home)

WiMiUS Projector has a 10000:1 contrast ratio. This means that the white image is 10000 times brighter than the black image. With a 10000: 1 contrast ratio, this Full HD Video Projector delivers crisp images and sharp colors. The high contrast ratio increases the contrast of detail and ensures clear readability, making the image brighter, sharper, and more eye-catching.

Richer Color Gamut

With a higher color gamut, it brings you more vivid images. The color of the image would be more natural. WiMiUS P20 has 95% NTSC, and it will bring you a real 4K cinema experience in a dark room.

Indoor and Outdoor HD Projector

This 1080P projector is suitable for indoor use and can be used for backyard movies with friends. It will bring happiness to wherever you are—wireless connection with smartphones and iPad. First, prepare a wifi display dongle, then plug it into the projector, then it can wireless connect with smartphones and iPad. To connect with Macbook, an external HDMI to Type C cable is needed.

Support Ceiling Mount (Best Projector For Smart Home)

There are 4 holes in the bottom of the projector. Please remove the rubber filler first. Then you will see the 4 holes for the ceiling mount. The ceiling mount screw size is M4*10. Many universal ceiling mounts can be compatible with it.

150,000 Hours LED Lamp: The average led projector lifespan is 3 years. To lengthen the lifespan of the projector, we adopted Germany’s best LED lamp. Generally speaking, it can last as long as 150,000 hours.

Faster Cooling and lower Noise: The faster cooling system will exhaust the inner heat timely, thus prolonging the projector’s lifespan. For noise, it’s 10dB lower than other 6800 lumens projector, but we suggest mounting it to the ceiling to reduce the influence of the fan noise.

Two 10W HiFi Speaker: WiMiUS updated HI-FI Stereo with SRS sound system, providing a fantastic powerful and crystal listening experience even without external speakers. Also, it can be easily connected with an external 2.0 sound system vis 3.5mm aux cable.

50-200 Inches Screen: With a projection distance from 1.5-6m, it can produce a 50-200 inches screen. Don’t worry about shrinking image size, as the zoom function is there to take care of that. But to enlarge the image, it needs to move further to the screen. We suggest using it at 10ft with about 100 inches screen. It will be a little blurry if the screen is larger than 200 inches.

Zoom Out Function: It has a 100% to 50% zoom-out function. That means at 3m distance, and the screen is default 100 inches, we could use this zoom function to reduce the size to 50 inches. But to make the screen larger, we need to move the projector further to the screen. The zoom function will work only when you are playing a video or photos.

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