Your smartphone lets you do many things that you forget or be too lazy to complete. From being as your alarm clock to entertaining device and helping in your career – the smartphone has become an essential thing in our lives. That’s why, it’s no wonder people investing so many bucks to get a flagship phone for the added benefits like speed, performance, quality, etc. how to make your phone last for years.

how to make your phone last for years

So, it’s your responsibility to protect your phone so that it serves you for as long as it can. But with little knowledge about the phone or the need to download many apps may render your phone slow, delaying its performance. While it may be not an issue while you are in leisure, the same will irritate you when you want things done quicker.

To help you out of your worry, we’ve come up with 8 hacks that extend your phone’s life and performance. Let’s take a look at the below points and implement them right away to protect your smartphone’s health.

  • Always delete unnecessary apps

You may be interested to download games and other utility apps. But remember to uninstall if you don’t like them or are not fulfilling your purpose. Filling up your phone with these apps takes away the phone’s RAM and the performance is decreased drastically after a certain time.

Every once in a week, check your phone and browse through the list of apps you have. Any app you found that is unnecessary or harmful to your phone, delete it immediately. You can do this activity while travelling or maybe to kill some time.

  • Use a back case and quality screen protector

The appearance of your phone matters a lot while you use your phone. Anyone would want to appear stylish while holding their phone. And for this, you can invest in a sturdy back case which not only elevates the look but also protects your phone from falls. Also, to avoid your screen from cracking, invest in a good quality screen protector so that it protects your device from minor slippages.

  • Update your software without neglect

After buying the smartphone, the respective company releases a series of software updates to improve the functionality of your phone. So, whenever you receive such notifications, don’t forget to update it. As these updates generally contain the improvements in security, performance, and other quality issues, your phone will work better if you update them without fail.

Pro tip: Always update your phone on Wi-Fi rather than on mobile data, as the download may take longer.

  • Shut down your phone regularly

This is the point that we fail to do regularly. Regularly switching off and on your phone will rectify any internal issues that you may fail to notice. Allowing your phone to shut down for a few minutes will help to function more efficiently. In turn, it helps to extend the life of your phone. It’s just like your laptop which needs a reboot once in a while.

  • Follow good charging practices

Many of us wait for the phone battery to completely go down and then recharge it to 100%. This is the practice that many follow. However, experts say that this is not the best idea. Charging your phone for a few minutes off and on throughout the day will benefit your phone’s life. As your phone works better at >70%, it’s recommended to charge your phone at that point to increase the battery’s life.

  • Don’t let water near your phone (even during exercise!)

Water or moisture is one of the biggest enemies for your phone. No matter what the company says about water-proofing technologies, moisture can find its way into your phone in any way. For instance, while exercising, if you have a habit of carrying your phone with you (either on elbow or waist belt), the sweat from your body will seep into your clothes and the moisture can enter into your phone damaging the internal parts. Hence, be careful with your phone while exercising. The best practice is to cover it with a transparent cover to avoid any damage if you know how to make your phone last for years.

  • Beware of viruses and malware

Just like COVID-19, a phone’s virus can take away the life of your phone by eating away RAM and performance. It may erase the phone’s memory and cause your phone to lag a lot. To avoid this, be careful while downloading apps and be smart while clicking any suspicious links or advertisements. This will not only protect your phone but allows it to work longer by knowing how to make your phone last for years.

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  • Backup your data without fail

In case of emergencies, you may have to factory reset your phone which results in erasing whatever you’ve stored till now (photos, documents, music files, etc.). It’s better to utilise your cloud accounts to back up the important data. And you can free your phone memory which results in an improvement in the performance. Always keep the phone memory at optimum points and never fill it to the brim.

So, there you go, smart hacks to improve your phone’s health. If you’re not doing them, then start immediately and enjoy the fast performance of your phone and i believe you now know how to make your phone last for years.