Kevin Kelly, a famous writer, once said that humans are the reproductive organs of technology. Various technology enthusiasts study his take on technology. Everything modern you see around yourself, human beings invented it. With time the inventions improved and became so advanced that it is almost unbelievable to comprehend the change. Who would have thought that in a mere span of twenty years, you would be carrying the whole world in your pocket? A smartphone would hold so much information. Who would have thought? How technology is changing the world.

You are dependent on technology more than you can admit. Even while reading this post, hundreds of thousands of small bits of data are transferred to your device through a satellite thousands of miles away. Sounds like magic? Well, it is technology. There are numerous ways and examples of how technology is rapidly changing human functions. Dig all the way in to know more about it.


how technology is changing the world
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If you’re wondering about the possibilities in which the ways of technology might change your life, here are five examples for you:

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1.   Voice Assistants

Most of you might be familiar with this term. For those of you who are not, the voice assistant is a command-based computer program where the user talks to the device, and it does as the user says. It is a relatively new technology innovation introduced by Apple in 2011. It has just been a decade since its introduction, but its popularity is enormous.

Amazon is already planning on doubling down its voice assistant device, also known as Alexa. Yes, like humans, these devices have names too. These devices, when utilized, can even control various other devices and electronics in your home. You can command it to switch on/ off the T.V. or practically any other machine. Voice assistants can control your latest smart T.V. OLED65CXPTA.

how technology is changing the world
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2.   Crispr

CRISPR is an abbreviation for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat. This name alludes to the one-of-a-kind association of short, part of the way palindromic rehashed DNA successions found in the genomes of microbes and different microorganisms. While harmless, CRISPR successions are a significant part of the safe frameworks of these forward living things. How technology is changing the world

how technology is changing the world
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There was no cure for genetic diseases like Huntington’s and cystic fibrosis up until recent times. But now, through CRISPR, it is possible to cure such illness. It is a gene-splicing technology where CRISPR can eliminate all the mutated sections of DNA. You will see that it can cure genetically caused blindness in the recent future.

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3.   Automation

You are dependent on automation more than you may think. Have you ever ordered things online? Ever used an ATM? Do you order food online? Or do you take cab rides often? Believe it or not, each of these things requires automation. There is a complex set of machines responsible for automation.

It has numerous benefits. Automation works best when one needs to do the same job repeatedly, like data entry, record-making, book-keeping. All of these tasks are now performed through automation. Even in online ordering services, automation is used to sort, pack and label the items based on their size. It reduces human error, and the quality of the goods produced increases.

Tesla vehicles are an example of modern utilization of automation. They have done a fabulous job at mixing automation with artificial intelligence to make driverless cars.

4.  Cryptocurrency

You must have heard the buzz on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are very secure currencies, used to buy things online. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently invested 1.5 Billion USD in Bitcoin. Tesla now also accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment for their cars. Cryptocurrencies provide added benefits to the dynamic economic future of this world. They may be an extremely secure medium, and manipulating cryptocurrencies is virtually impossible. They also diminish the trade boundaries between countries as it facilitates an open environment of transaction with minimal hindrance. How technology is changing the world

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5.  Regenerative Body Parts

Yes, you heard it right. Technology can help in regenerating body parts. All thanks to 3-D modeling and excellent use of technology. In this process, doctors scrape cells off the body part having problems and grow them in a petri dish. With time, the body parts grow strong enough to be implanted inside the patient.

Organovo, a leading healthcare company, has developed a technology of printing body parts using innovative 3-D printers. In time, this new technology will become increasingly mainstream, providing patients with various organ replacements.

In conclusion

Technology is leading this world into a new era of revolution. With such a rapid rate of advances, one can easily conclude that the future is bright for technological predictions. Nevertheless, one can always hope for a better future ahead with the growth in the technology arena.